Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Message from Monika

Hello Family!
I hope this new year has found you all healthy and happy.
I am writing with a bit of news.
Unfortunately, I am unable to continue with the planning of our 2014 Pereira Family Reunion in August. The task has become a positively Herculean effort in proportion. Being a full-time college student who is steps away from graduation, I simply bit off much more than I could chew.
HOWEVER, I still do think we should have our reunion, which is why I propose a postponement for the following year: August 2015.
I am really, truly, very, very sorry.
If you are still interested in attending, contact me with suggestions or questions? Want to yell at me?  My email is
Thank you so much for understanding.



  1. Totally fine, do you think the hotel would consider postponing until 2015?

  2. Oh by the way, I'm Tricia Pereira. Sister of Carmen, Carl, Hema, Kenney,Sherilyn and Colin. Daughter of Carl Pereira, Son of Francis Pereira.